How to take downloaded levels and use them as FPS or TPS

How do you take a sample level, like the SciFiHallway, and make it so you can control a first person character or 3rd person character in a level? Thanks.

I want to use stuff from this level too. I guess i will just select all the items i need, group them and then right click and select migrate to my project, which already has a character …

You could just migrate FPS/TPS samples over, or you could just migrate that level’s meshes and what not over to your project. The latter should be easier and should give less errors/issues. I know when I try and migrate a good amount of assets, blueprints, code etc. the migration doesn’t migrate EVERYTHING but it migrates most of the stuff, then I have to search through what wasn’t migrated then re-migrate it into the new project.

TL;DR: Should be easier to migrate the level’s assets over into your own project, might have some issues but try it.

In the content browser. Right click on the map and migrate it to your folder, whichever has the FP ot TP player you want to use it in. Migrating the level will carry over all assets used in that scene to the new location. It’s as simple as that.