How to take a screenshot with widgets?

hey there , can someone explain how to take a screenshot with widgets . In my project there is no camera , only vewport with widgets , and i want to take a screensshots of that widgets

i dont know how to do it inside Unreal Engine,but i think you can use external app such as: Snipping Tool,Snip & Sketch,etc.

do you want it inside editor or during runtime

hey there , during runtime

The command to take screenshots that include widgets is bugscreenshot. Files are stored in the “Saved/BugIt” directory. I don’t know if it is available in shipping builds, though.

void UCLASSNAME::CUSTOMRequestScreesnhot(FString FileNameSC, bool UIRedered, bool FNSUffix)
FScreenshotRequest Screenshot;
Screenshot.RequestScreenshot(FileNameSC, UIRedered, FNSUffix);
use the blueprint to get screenshot in Android,IOS,Windows
It would not capture the status bar in Android,IOS only the screen of ue4 game

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Shift f 11 for full full screen