How to take a screen shot in shipping build

Hello mates, i want to know how to take a screen shot in shipping build. I can use “Shot” or F9 in development build and in editor, but it seem like command console is disable in shipping build, so i guess i have to drag out some function from the engine source code, and i have found function TakeScreenshot inside FEditorViewportClient, but have no idea how should i continue? Would be appreciate if anyone can shed some light into this.

Have you found any solution since then?

Instead of packaging my project with shipping build configuration, i package my project with development build configuration, with development build i can use Execute console command node with the command Shot, which will take my screen shot without my UI and store it locally.
In short, i give up on taking screen shot in shipping build, sorry mate.

I thought about that but we have no other choice but to deliver a shipping version to our players.

Aye, good luck with that mate, sorry can’t help you in this.

Publishing a Dev build is a great idea, Thanks!

Using console commands for screenshots is kind of strange thing to do when you got full access to engine in C++. USe API refrence to search for functions, then try to find path to access it

You can access FViewport of you game view port from UGameViewportClient

which you can access from UEngine which global pointer is GEngine:



And just attach that to a button press?

Yes :slight_smile: but check how it works first, i just find it and didn’t use it

Could that same thing work with like StartMovieCapture?

Sorry, but you can’t capture movie in shipping build nor development build. There are 2 choice: either use matinee recording and capture from editor, or use 3rd party library and capture your screen in runtime.