How to tag umap(s) with AssetRegistrySearchable?


I have some different maps that the player should be able to choose from. All the maps can have different settings that must be known to display accurate information to the user before loading the maps into memory. Sure, I could just create some second file or config storing these setting/tags but I found that error prone and also not a very elegant solution. I recently found out about the “AssetRegistrySearchable” keyword which sounded exactly like what I needed. The problem is that if I overload “ALevelScriptActor” and add my properties to it, I can’t find any classes of that type when using the object library as described here. I guess the .umap isn’t just a “ALevelScriptActor” and that may be what causing the problem. So how do you set tags to maps so you can check e.g. maxplayers before loading the map?