How to tackle my new issue?

Ok, I made a thread in the support section but I’m sort of done with that route on how I’m doing this…

In the image below, this current system gives me a yaw offset that changes with each foundation it’s placed upon. The offset is not constant, I find this odd. The number it’s telling me is close to what the snap point rotation is set to, but I cannot think of why it’s not explicitly that offset when placed.

If this changing number is not avoidable, how do I best go about “checking” if the offset is close to or within one of four offset “ranges” that I can then apply scaling to dependent on if it meets the criteria?

Also, how can I make sure the mesh will scale when placed, and not just during placement?



Ok, further testing has shown the direction I’m facing is changing the numbers… so… I have no idea what I’ve done, or what it’s reading from.


Hm, anybody have any ideas as to why the number it returns is affected by the direction the camera faces when placing?

To clarify I know it’s the view direction because I’ve tested with placing two walls that face the same direction, but I changed where I was standing and the direction I was facing when placing it.

For example, facing the wall and placing it returned a rotation offset of roughly 0, but standing behind the wall and placing it returned an offset of about 90.