How to tackle music in a game

Hey everybody, so what are the options for those of us who can’t afford to hire a composer to write music for your game? Are there other ways to make a soundtrack for your game? Even if it is short.

You can find a lot of free stock music (but at the risk to use a well known music).
There’s several musician how put music on the market place.
You could also contact some musician you like on soundcloud and ask them to use their work, a lot of it are CC but if not, there’s chance they let you use it if you ask politely :slight_smile:

When you come to free stuff, be aware that the copyleft license is not compatible with UE4 EULA.

I found this little doohickey, which is interesting at best, but not really practical:

The UE4 marketplace and the GameDev subreddit on Reddit often has composers that want to give games free access to use their music in games, there’s dozens of posts if you search for music.