How to synchronize walking/running animations Unreal Engine 4 any tutorials ?

Back when we had UDK, we used sync groups, this feature it is still there but, it won’t be useful no more, maybe correct me if I am wrong.
IT was 5 min to set up, now I just don’t find a way in the documentation and it sort off lacks tutorials, does anyone know how to synchronize a group of animations so the placement is normal like in UE3 ? :rolleyes:

Same thing, you add sync markers.
break down a paragon character. They have the markers applied (though I don’t think they use them, not sure).

Yeah but how to add them? Any tutorial I don’t see any tutorial out there …

Ah ok yes Automatic Foot Sync Marker Placement using Animation Modifiers in UE4.16 - YouTube

THat tut is no good sorry, still how to ?

WOw it was easy I had to create some algorithms to make it perfect though…