How to sync sound when framerate drops

I have an animation playing in the level, few characters moving and doing some stuff. and there is a sound file that is synced to the animation at 30fps. the problem is when the framerate drops the animation slows down but the sound plays at the same speed and becomes out of sync. anyway to solve this issue?

I don’t that there is an easy build-in functionality fir such a thing

Perhaps MetaSounds in ue5 can slow down a sound (I don’t know) but I’ve necer seen this in ue4.

Furthermore a slowing down ir slowing up would normally change the pitch of the sound.

And than I’m not sure if you really want to do this. It would be really awkward to change the rhytmn of the sound only because the graphics lack behind.

I suppose you are right, so i better cut the audio file in pieces and cue the sound based on animation frame instead, that way at least it has the chance to catch up.