How to sync identical audio sources?


So I am having trouble syncing a speaker setup in my level that is supposed to play the same song at the same time in different parts of the level. So far nearby speakers sync up, but travelling around the level it is easy to notice that some speakers are just starting to play the song. I just need the audio from all the speakers in the level to be synced so that a speaker on one side of the level matches up with speakers on the other side.

I have tried calling the audio in the speaker blueprint with the Begin Play event, calling a custom event in all the speaker blueprints from the level blueprint and creating a controller that called the event with a Begin Play. I do suspect that the Begin Play event may be the cause as it may not Begin Play for a blueprint until the player is close enough for it to be rendered in or something like that, so if anyone has any solutions it would be greatly appreciated.

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