how to sync armor to base mesh?

so heres the run down and ill break it down so its understandable…

1: both base mesh and armor have same skeleton.

2: on import i imported the armor mesh and pointed it to the base mesh skeleton.

3: on the base mesh character you can add body parts to the mesh and everything lines up fine and works with animations.

4: i aligned sockets so that all the armor fits perfectly.

5: made blueprints of armor and attached the animation blueprint the character uses and it works fine.

6: i attach the armor to the character by spawning it on begin play and attach it via blueprint and and this is where the problem is.

seems that the armor dosent update with the character at all it stays in the idle position. not much info on this and i got no idea how to fix it so how do i go about setting the armor to synch with the base mesh (character) so when the character moves so does the armor ?

any help on this would be very appreciated. thanks in advance!

ok small update using the set master pose component i have been able to get the armor to animate with the body but its way off sync still so now i just need to know how to sync it correctly

ok so this is where im at and decided to post some pics to give a more visual look at what im having an issue with.

first is the socket editor and every thing is lined up correctly

next is what it looks like when i hit play.

and last is the blueprint im using

really need help in getting this fixed so if anyone has any ideas your help will be greatly appreciated!

now i have tried every option on the attach to to try to get it to sync as well and its still not working

solved the issues by getting rid of the sockets and just using a manual setup on the transform.