How to sync a project for a teamwork of two people online?

We are a team of two working on a project from different locations and we need a way to sync our level.
What options do we have ? Please explain in details or with links :).

One of your options (the one I’m familiar with) is Perforce. It’s source control software which has native support in UE4. You and your teammate can sync your material to a common server and keep track of all edits made.

As Perforce is a source control software, it allows you to checkin and out files as you work on them, preventing other people on your team from also doing changes to the same file and wrecking both of your work. You check out a file, edit it, and check it back into the server allowing other people to edit it.

It also keeps track of all changes made to a file, allowing you to revert files as you please if a change broke things or simply didn’t need to be there. It’s a lot like GitHub, but you can use it arbitrarily.

Perforce is free for up to 20 users.

Other options include something like Dropbox, if it’s a small enough game, and SVN which I have no experience with.

SVN works great with Unreal engine 4, but in the end your svn folder will fill up because it stores info from older files forever.

So I understand that with perforce we can actually work on the same scene/level on different stuff and sync them together.

1.Can one of our PC’s be the server ? Is there an online solution for that ?
2.What problems have you experienced with this one ? Any file losses?

Thanks in advance !

I don’t really know much about svn, can you give me a link or a video about that ?
We currently use G-drive just to share the project :slight_smile:

Yes - although, only one person should be working on any one asset at the same time. Once done, check it in and the other person can work on it.

One of your PCs can be the server - any computer will suffice. You’re going to need about three times the space your project currently takes up. I’m not sure about online solutions - I’m using an on-site linux box for it, which has worked out great.

I’ve had some issues where I added local cache folders to Perforce, forcing me to check out the entire project folder at once to get anything done (it was a pain to get those folder out of the system), but once I removed them from Perforce it was fine.

I haven’t had any file losses so far.

I have had some issues with in-editor compiling, though, but that might just be me. I have to restart the editor every time I want to compile, and I have to do it from VS2013. Blueprints are not affected, just C++.

check out tortoise svn. I dont know much about any videos. Our teacher showed us how to set it up.

Thanks for all the details ! Dave a great day !

No problem ^.=.^ If you decide to use Perforce and need help installing it on Linux, I can send you my startup scripts.


I tried using this little guide
we have a server on a machine. Now don’t know how to connect to that server over the internet when i open de p4v.exe in cannot make the workspace because in cannot conect to the server… what should i write there? i tried [PCNAME]:1666
[ipv6 adress]:1666
error. Also i tried with cmd - p4 set p4port=[PCNAME]:1600 … didn’t worked

Hi Vlad,

Is the computer on your local network or elsewhere on the internet? You may need to open port 1666 on your router before it will accept connections, if it’s not on your local network.

You should also take a look at the log - the server requires you to log in with a username or password - if you don’t, it will refuse your connection. If you’re the first person to use the server, you’ll need to hit “Create user” and create your account from P4V to both allow more accounts and claim superuser rights.

When it comes to creating your Workspace, I suggest only including /Source, /Content and /Config, as well as your .uproject file. Other folders and files will either cause unnecesary issues or are able to be regenerated by your teammembers locally.

If you have Teamviewer and need further assistance, I could help you out in realtime.

We are two guys using our PC’s to get a teamwork in UE4, from our homes :))) One of us is the server…
Both of us have a local internet home router :slight_smile: and mine is also on wireless .

Team Viewer will be our last option, i don’t want to take too much of your time :).

Onedrive has worked for me in Unity, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it worked with UE4 too :slight_smile:

OK. Check the router the server is connected to.

First, you need to set a static internal IP for the computer running the server, if you haven’t already. Then,port 1666 needs to be forwarded to that static IP from the router.

A dynamic DNS URL to the server’s location would probably be useful, but if the server’s location has a static external IP, it’s not required.

You can use this tool to verify that your server is open to the internet: Online Ping, Traceroute, DNS lookup, WHOIS, Port check, Reverse lookup, Proxy checker, Bandwidth meter, Network calculator, Network mask calculator, Country by IP, Unit converter

Once you’ve done that and the log confirms that the server is accepting connections, create a new user as soon as possible.

Thanks man it really helped. It has been a hell but i did it. I have static ip, D Dns, evenn dirrected to the router, port forward to my static ip ( confirmed)… i have a client connected to my depot over the internet and i am trying to make a test with a file from client.
I get an error file not in client view … :slight_smile:

Good to hear that you got it working! Remember to only add /Content, /Config, /Source and your .uproject file. You can add some other files, but they’re nothing that can’t be regenerated.

You created a depot on the server, right? That’s the servers’ “workspace”. Workspaces are the local copies on the team’s machines.

On the server do i have to create a workspace and use it in ureal as i did with the client ?.. i added a workspace on server …now i really don’t know how to add the project…

Almost working. I have a depot on the server. How do i tell unreal to move the project in the depot? :slight_smile: in unreal on the top right at source control i have my provider , port and user …and “no worspaces found” (my project in in Google drive folder…)
I have also my client open with a workspace assigned and if i enter that workspace i get “does not map into this projects directory”
… aslo let me know if you can help with teamviewer

I simply added the whole project to my worskpace ( on the same pc where i have the server) and the source control detected and connected to the workspace. However i get an error in perforce on all the files : file(s) not in client view