How to switch weapon system by (Mouse scroll wheel)

Hi guys , I am try to make switch weapon system by mouse scroll wheel . can any buddy help me to solve my problem

Since you’ve included absolutely no details about the system, here’s a generic response :wink:

But in my project equip or unequip is from Skeleton socket, so how do I use this system in my project.

How can anyone, apart from you, know how things are set up in your project? You’ve included no details whatsoever (again), giving us next to no chance of helping you :frowning:

The above is not a system per se - it simply allows you to retrieve an actor from an array in a cyclical fashion using the mouse scroll wheel.

In my project have three weapon socket by help I am easily Equipping or Equipping a weapon with animation but i am creating one more thing swap weapon system by mouse wheel

Now this is my system.
So how can I apply weapon switch . Now you can give me any solution for that

I am already do it but it’s not working

The solution is up there, adapt it to your needs. Also, 2 years ago… Persistence pays off, I see.

Can you see my project .Because my character again and again equip same weapon not any other weapon. so you can give my problem solution

Hi there. Hopefully you can help with the same thing. I have keys 1,2,3 already set to switch the weapons but how would I add a mousewheel option to this as well to switch weapons?

Make sure your existing script sets the Next Weapon integer to 0,1,2… respectively so both methods can work in tandem.

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Thank you!


Thanks for your help, the info provided really got me moving, I do have a couple of bugs unfortunately I need help with, for my experience is still in beginner. I have 3 weapons and 3 different animations. I can only carry two weapons and I want to switch between the two weapons I am carrying, is there some thing I can implement to the code I have in the photo

If that’s the case, the above is not really necessary, perhaps this is enough:


Thanks for the reply I will try that out, I do appreciate the response, take care.