How to switch to another level?


when i create my first level i call it “level1” and declare it as an start level.

but when i want my character to go to another level,
again i got some noob-questions:

i create in my project another level called “level2”.

  • how to create an point in “level1” on which my player could travel to “level2”?

  • can i customize an “wait for level2 - sequence”, which is shown for the player during loading?

thanks a lot for an answer :slight_smile:


  1. add a trigger - open the level bp and add a reference to the trigger - add a open level/map node + type in the level namen :slight_smile:

hi ,

thanks a lot for your answer!

i guess i understand (a little bit).

but the next question is coming around (sorry for that):

when i create level2 with an complete different environment:
how to create an blank level with no existing environment of level1, which can be loaded in my game?


What exactly do you mean? :slight_smile:

Just open level 1 - go to the scene outliner - delete everything -> then you have a blank level

That’s how you open the level


hi ,

i´m just a little bit confused i think…

but now i know exactly what you mean :slight_smile:

thanks a lot to you
cheers to this amazing community!


Hi loopon,

Don’t forget that you can always check the Level Streaming example out from our Content Examples from Marketplace that may help as well. :slight_smile: