How to switch off (Read Only) on 'New Interface' ?

Hey there,

I’m busy following this tutorial off Youtube and have run into a hiccup, at 4:17 he is able to edit the Interface but mine is read only and have no idea how to change that, I’ve tried restarting, running the engine in administrator mode and neither worked, any suggestions of how I could fix this?

Thanks in advance.

Hello Accept333.
His is also read-only but the interface is just been updated with the newer versions. The way to edit the interface is to set the inputs and outputs.

Ahh! Feel stupid, thanks mate!

that is not the case here I have same projects one open in 4.24, and another in 4.25 imported files over to 4.24 in windows explorer and have both open 1 on each screen, new 4.25 one is read only and other 4.24 is not and when I have them both open I can see tons more pins on the one not read only