How to switch in realistic First Person ?

Hi all

I m working on an environment in Unreal.
At first, I created new Blank Project, and when I click on Play, I’m in FPS view, but the camera is free, I can fly etc… and I don’t need this.

I need to simulate a realistic FPS ( human ), and lock the Z axe for exemple.

I m reading A new, community-hosted Unreal Engine Wiki - Announcements and Releases - Unreal Engine Forums but it’s extremely complicated…

Doesn’t exist a simple Blueprint for switch in realistic First person ?

Thank !

Probably you want to create FPS project rather than Blank project

As zeOrb pointed out … that will give you your basic FPS view which includes the Player Controller, Player Object, and Game Mode.

Failing that you would have to create it all yourself … you could look at various other FPS examples out there to see how it is done. This includes having to set up your player, set up your control inputs and all the other stuff that the FPS template does for you.

My suggestion is use the FPS Template as indicated by zeOrb. Good luck. 8-}

thanks for the answer. So I created a fps project but i can’t find how to import it in my actual project . Any advice ?

Find the character blueprint (something like FPPlayer_BP), right-click and select Migrate. Select your existing project’s content folder. It should copy the controller and all its dependencies over to your project. Depending on how you’ve named your controller, you may want to rename before migrating to prevent overwriting.

Then, open your project and modify the Game Mode to use the migrated player class.

Hum, result for FFP in content brower : FPP_Jump, FPP_Firef etc…

No “global” FPP-player :confused:

any idea ?