How to switch gizmos with keyboard shortcuts?


I’m completely new to UE4. This might be an obvious question but I haven’t found any solution online

Currently the Keyboard shortcuts WASD allow me to navigate with the camera. Also the E key moves the camera up. But when I’m creating objects in the viewport the transform Controls shortcuts are listed as WER for move, translate and scale.

So I’m always in “navigation” and always end up moving the camera when I’m trying to go between the move and rotate gizmos using keyboard shortcuts. I know there are on screen buttons for each tool, but i would like to switch gizmos with the keyboard.

Any advice? Thanks for taking the time to read my question.


You can change the editor key bindings under Edit->Editor Preferences->Keyboard Shortcuts

The scale rotate and translate shortcuts are listed under Common Viewport Commands.

Thanks for the answer but, it’s not exactly what i was looking for.

I found out what is wrong. I’m using a Magic Mouse on a Mac and I was resting my fingers on the button area. (As I normally do on a button mouse) The mouse is detecting my fingers as an input on a trackpad. And unreal now recognises these inputs so I was “moving the camera” and unable to use any keyboard shortcuts.

If you lift your fingers off the mouse the WED shortcuts work as expected.

Dumb on my part, but it might be helpful to someone in the future.