How to switch from power to gas ?

How do i make my auto turret switch from power to gas or from gas to power ? in Which blueprint i need to find that

You’ve only got 2 turret files, 50/50 chance :wink: Just search for things like “requires” and “power” you’ll find the outlet requirement. You can remove that and look at something like the fabricator for gasoline.

I added all in inventoryBP and turret bluepring but nothing still needs power

“Active Requires Power”
“Active Requires Fuel Items”


Take note of the differences.

Thank you, i will try, tryed and still dosent work needs power againe

EDIT: Still dosen’t work

You’ll probably have to make some code in the graph to make this work properly. IE: if there is no gas, disable the active requires fuel items and enable requires power then vice versa for if there is no power

The thing I forgot was that power is combined with “Powered Nearby Structure Template” delete that and add gasoline to “Active Requires Fuel Items” worked just fine for me.

For me dosen’t work tryed to use multiuse but it’s too complicated for me to work with even with tut i could not do that

Why would you toy around with multiuse? Open up your TurretBase file (with the picture of a turret) and search for “power” and uncheck Requires Power and delete the ElectricJunction requirement, and search for “Fuel” and add gasoline.

I know that but i wont to use both

So leave the “Activate Requires Power” checked, leave the “Powered Nearby Structure Template” to “ElectricJunction” and simple add gasoline to “Active Requires Fuel Items.” You might want to start over, create a new turret.

I know how to switch i wont to use both soo i can switch from power to gas and from gas to power

What you is looking for, is the use of the radial menu wheel.
I have asked KingKadin for a youtube tutorial on how to do this if he know … but atm he is very busy with his Mystic Academy mod…
I can make a additional entry on the menu, but I can’t make it work, nor switch between two entries ( like in this question Gas/Power )
I hope KingKadin or someone else could do this, as I am, as you, stuck in one of my mod due to this…

I was asking him too to make that tutorial, i can’t wait :smiley: