How to switch character animation using the interface button?

I need these animations to switch by button, but I just can’t configure these interactions.

Help the newcomer please.

Well, there few ways to do that with conditions in the first screenshots or montages, if not mistaken it doesn’t work for you because your cast is incorrect at the screenshot-4, cast it to your player bp get the mesh and get anim instance if not mistaken then cast it to what you casting that should do the trick.

You can do it about at least schematically?

It’s just very difficult for me to repeat what you wrote at this stage.
I study blueprinte 2 days.

It’s quite the most basic explanation, in screenshot-1 you can add a condition for animation(booleans) or use montages in animation BP(google it) and in screenshot-4 you casting your player as his animation BP, you need to cast him as (your player BP)->get mesh->get anim instance->cast animation BP.