How to switch camera

Hey Guys! I wanted a smooth camera transition between two points inside of the third person blueprint. So, I found this [solution][1] by Wes Bunn

and created this

But the camera is jerky while performing the second transition, i.e., from the side camera to main camera and while in side position the camera rotates awkwardly with mouse, i.e., along the x-axis.

And here is the character component setup

How can I fix this? Or Make it Better like this one here in the video at 0:32 where the camera blends in perfectly to side view and blends back in.

Please Help.

Hi Amaresh,

I attempted to repair the setup you are using but I ran into the same issues. Here is the solution that I came up with. It smoothly moves and rotates the camera to the location and back again.

I hope this helps to give you some ideas.



Thanks @TJ Ballard that works. Although I’ve already created my own solution with blend target and it worked just the way I wanted.

However I got to learn about the node Move Component To, never used it before.

Question though, isn’t there is way to stop camera rotation rather than disabling the input completely?


Yeah you can disable just the mouse movement by using a ‘Set Ignore Look Input’ node instead of the disable/enable node. The idea for the setup I created above was so a mini cinematic or kill animation could play.