How to switch between 'Using Animations' for my AI character

Hi All,

This is my first time using this form.
I am fairly new to unreal and I have a follow up question on a live training tutorial called: Getting Started with AI | Live Training | Unreal Engine. [Link Here][1]

Everything is working perfectly fine.
I some how even to managed to add a new usable object and make the Ai characters interact with it.

My questions is how to switch between ‘Using Animations’ for my AI characters according to the objects their using because right now the character shakes his hand with other Ai characters but it also shakes his hand with a camp fire to light the fire…

I already set up a different Anim Montage and I am able to switch between them in the blueprint manually.

I tried to follow the tutorial again but then creating different names and ending up with the same line of nodes starting with “Event Use Object” but then as “Event Use Fire” or “Event Use AICharacter”… but it al became really confusing.

I hope my question is clear enough and again, Im really new to unreal but so far really amazed!

Thank you! :slight_smile:

Hello joeptruijen,

I think instead of use Animation Blueprint usefull then “Play Anim Montage”. For more detail look this link.

Hey Sertac Organ,

Thank you for you quick response, the EventGraph of the Animation Blueprint looks like this:

The Idle walk run state like this:

Im sorry for my lack of knowledge but how would I make this work?

Okay. I mean for example create variable and change state when use object, die etc.

It just became even more confusing :S im sorry
I really would like to use the way they do it in the tutorial, Using BB, BT, AICON and a Interface.
but thanks allot for your responds, actually i thought no one would answer <3

You are welcome. I hope helpful Keep up the awesome work! :slight_smile: