How to switch Between game modes / control schemes during gameplay?


So, I have 3 game types set up and working as seperate projects. A) side scroller played on a 2d plane ( game is actually 3d though.) B) top down twin stick shooter 3) 3rd person 3d platformer. These all use the same player character and assets etc.

Now…What I want to do is have a play area where I can Manually switch between those 3 control modes / camera views. I’m thinking it would have to start in the level blueprint as changing the camera view would affect things like which enemies can attack you and certain pickups would only be flagged as visible in each camera mode. So changing the camera / control mode effects pretty much everything else in the game.

Are there any examples or tutorials that might point me in a useful direction? I’ve followed all the ue4 youtube tutorials / example games for each game mode, now I just want to gel them together.

any help will be greatly appreciated.

Combine your code into 1 game mode and switch with a bool or something because you can only switch to a new game mode by duplicating/creating level and set the mode for each level.