How to switch between different types of post processing volumes when getting close to death.

So I got a big ask and need a bit of help for my issue, so i am just starting to learn about post process volumes and i need one for my game, so what ive got currently is one post process volume with a post process material in it and i want to be able to go back to the normal filter without the post processing screen when i am at a certain amount of health. im not sure if i need 2 post process volumes and if i need an array in both. I also want to make it so that it fades from the normal filter to the black and white one when i get to a cetain health. I cant get it to work but this is what I have so far. i know its a lot but any help would be good. thanks This might take a bit but i will try to keep in touch for replies.

This is one of the filters i want to apply when i am getting to a certain amount of hunger and if not then i want the normal screen without any filter

Hey @RaydenWolfBoyo,

You should not need a second volume if this is just an overlay. You can enable and disable your volume using the same tag. For example:

However, that will be a sudden jump and not what you are looking for. Instead, I would have your post process have an intensity value that changes based on your HP. For example, this is an example that uses the built in saturation and greyscales once your health is under 80 out of a total of 100 HP.

You would do the opposite for false and revert the values.

Let me know if this works for you or if you need more help setting this up!

Hey @RaydenWolfBoyo!

Checking in! Was the above the solution you needed?