How to swipe an object so it spins and decelerates over a certain amount of time?


I’m making my first game and I’m stuck trying to figure out in blueprints how to make an object spin on one axis with a finger swipe on android.

I’m making a free spinning object like a merry go round where when you swipe it with your finger it will spin at a certain top speed and decelerate at a certain speed over time. The object will take up most of the screen so when you hold any part of the screen and drag your finger, the object will spin in the direction you drag.

I will have many of these objects which will all have varying top speeds and deceleration times. The number of full spins will be counted.

Here’s what I have so far with the help of another post.

Can’t seem to get my object to spin at all on touch.
Could it have to do with parameters on the object? physics is enabled, the location is locked on xyz, and the rotation axis is locked to y.