How to swap UComponent pointer?

Hi there! I’m new here so a pleasure to be around

I’m trying to integrate C++ HotReload in UE4 (, guessing that should be done as a plugin but I have some questions and I’m not an expert of UE4 unfortunately. Basically you can change the whole class, add and remove variables, etc, no only the methods content.

This library builds your changes into separate DLLs and gives you back a C++ pointer but you should be responsible where to assign the new pointer. As far I know every Actor has const TSet<UActorComponent*>& GetComponents() const so:

  1. Is there an event in a safe state to swap the pointers? Like pre/post-update event?
  2. Is what I’m searching for? Every actor owns its components and there is no global registry?
  3. Is there already an event that I can connect with my plugin to know when a component is created?

Thanks in advance!