How to support different screen resolutions with UMG


How to support different screen resolutions with UMG e.g. 4K. Seems hard to achieve this when size and position are given in pixels. Are you supposed to have different blueprint widgets for different screen resolutions? Is there any recommended way of solving this?

You would use anchors to position the widgets in a canvas at the desired locations, it’s not easy to do in 4.4, you need to understand the anchor structure, better in 4.5, but not good enough. Also in 4.5, there’s a UI scale curve you specify in the project settings that state how the UI scales at different resolutions.

For context, anchors are normalized coordinates specifying where the widget will be laid out in the canvas,
min(0,0) max(0,0) would be the upper left corner. min(1,1) max(1,1) would be the bottom right.


Multiresolution icons are on the roadmap, but I don’t know when we’ll have it in.

Do you know if this is something that will be further improved after 4.5? It would have been nice if you could e.g. have different set of textures depending on the resolution.


Okay, sounds great. Thanks again!