How to successfully transfer a map to another project?

I have an F16 project I got from the UE store, the project has a snow covered mountain map I would like to use in other projects exactly as it is. I have migrated the map using asset actions, but when I load the map it is clearly missing textures and things though I thought I had the correct file structures / pathways upon migrations. Any ideas why that map won’t load correctly?

Not sure why I couldn’t do it, but here is what I eventually did to harvest the map for those that also wonder. I created a new third person template project, then closed and opened the project with the map, I migrated that entire project to my new template (and put it in the CONTENT directory), opened it up, and went to file open level, chose the map, it worked and textures were right, but when I hit play it was the jet game, so went to settings world settings, and changed the default game mode back and after readjusting my spawn point, it worked out fine. But to make it permanent I had to go to project settings - maps and modes and change those two map settings to the map I wanted.

You can use Migrate for your selected map, not only just for your entire project. If you need your project and editor settings you need to transfer your Config/ and Intermediate/Config/ to your new empty project directory. For enabled/disabled plugins you need to copy texts inside your *.uproject file to your new *.uproject file. Also Migrate needs Content directory whatever you trying to transfer.

Ok, thanks.