How to submit assets for Marketplace approval? Please advice.

I have been trying to find information on how to actually submit assets to the Marketplace. All I am able to find are general requirements for assets and quality, but no actual guide on what I should actually really do in order to submit.

It seems like it’s a well hidden secret at this point.

A step-by-step guide would certainly be helpful. For example how to place assets in Unreal Engine project, and how to proceed from there. Should I submit them somehow via website or from engine?

I would really appreciate any advice on this matter.

Hi Yaschan, no hidden secrets with Epic :wink:

1- Install UE4
2- Create a new project with the latest version of UE4
3- Import your assets inside this project, exactly inside Content > “Your_Product_Name” folder
4- Save the project and close UE4
5- Go to your project folder an delete “Intermediate” and Saved" folders
6- Create a ZIP archive of your project
7- Upload the zipped project to a file sharing site like Google Drive, MEGA, Dropbox
8- Go here: and follow the instructions

That’s all :wink:

To add to the step 2 mentioned above: one might consider to create the project orginally with somewhat older version of the editor, if possible, and then migrate that to the latest engine version for the submission process. This is because all new releases are required to have support for the latest engine version, but… you’ll reach wider audience with the support of as many engine versions as possible and going back in engine versions with any project in ue4 is not an easy task if possible at all. in comparison, making a newer version can often be as easy as right-clicking the project file and choosing another, newer version.

Bazillion thanks!!!

If I migrate the project created from earlier version to the latest version, does it somehow retain the compatibility with earlier version? I don’t quite understand.

Create empty project with a newer version and migrate there or just duplicate files somewhere else on hd - right click project file- choose “switch versions”.

I would advice against using latest version of ue4, try to keep it about 4 versions back so you have a bigger pool of potential buyers. not everyone updates their engine all the time because… well… gamedev.