How to SubDiv on a cube / Unreal 5.2

I am following a tutorial on how to make a cave with simple geometry. UE5 Modeling Mode - SubDiv Tool - YouTube

However, I cannot get very far - unlike the tutorial, when I place down a box, then select the SubDiv tool, the box stays a box, it does not subdivide as seen in the video.
Attached is my screenshot of trying to run the SubDiv tool on the box.

any pointers? I’ve tried restarting UE.

Hey there @easterdou! Welcome to the community! it doesn’t seem like there’s any warnings. This is the box created in the modeling tool itself correct? Are the sides also different polygroups?

correct, no warnings, but no matter how many subdivisions I specify, it appears that each face remains a single polygon.

Hrm, I’m wondering if this is an OS specific issue. Do any of the modeling toolkit tools work?

yes, everything else seems to work

Hi all,

I just checked in 5.2.1 and everything looks to be working as intended (On PC).

So this could be a Mac bug. What sort of Mac are you using?

If you change the ‘SubdivisionScheme’ from “Catmull-Clark” to “Loop” do you see any change?

I’ve seen one other report now from another MacOS user unable to subdivide but they also are unable to use the entire toolkit, so I’m leaning towards possible bug. Does the modeling toolkit work for any previous versions(if you have them installed)? Are all projects affected?