How to subclass a Level Blueprint

Why I can’t subclass a Level Blueprint?
I did it perfectly subclassing an Actor Blueprint but i can’t do that with a Blueprint Level type.
Thank you.

with subclass you mean creating a child?

Yes … I would like to create a Parent Level Blueprint and after that creating a child

I don’t think there’s a way of doing it inside the editor… I suggest you to duplicate it and work in a new copy.

The Level blueprints are kind-of dumb in my opinion, because they are tied to the particular level.
I understand the general thinking – if you have a moat that needs to fill with burning lava at some point, that’s very level specific, and could go into a level blueprint.
But, in general, anything that is game-specific and you want to re-use, should go into actors or actor components or game modes or similar kinds of blueprints.
I recommend doing much of anything in a level blueprint, and instead placing “dummy” actors into the level if you need some behavior that’s shared between some, but not all, levels.

Totally agree with jwatte.

I bet your idea is to have a Base Level class and variations of that Base class in case a player enters a dungeon or something, or even the same scenario that changes during the progress of the game. You can do it creating specific actors to spawn and manage it, but I can see that would be much easier to have it as child BP’s…

Thanks for your help.
I think I’ll use a GameMode Blueprint.

I was about to suggest that, if all your levels are going to use the same GameMode you can simply bundle the shared logic in there. keep in mind that GameMode only exists on the Server in a networked environment. If your game is intended for singleplayer only then thats not a problem.