How to stream mp3 on mobile?

in UE3 there was a console command that allows to stream mp3 file in-game. Is there something like this in UE4? I don’t want to have music in memory.

As I understand it, MP3 files aren’t yet supported by UE4. I heard something about an experimental feature that enables it, but last-I-checked it’s only available on PC as of yet. Hopefully a Dev can give you a proper answer, but in the mean while you might have to code this in by hand.

webbrowser widget does mp3 and video well. mp3 and mp4 playback well on ios and android. I have all my html,css and java running in blueprint using this web widget, i created an audio player, that i can change at runtime. Swap media etc. working well for me as a work around

I don’t think it’s supported.