How to stream levels without dropping performance ?

When streaming levels per Epic’s docs, performance drops while level is being streamed.

Is there a way (some settings maybe) to prevent severe performance drop when streaming level in the background on Android ?

My setup is this: I have persistent level and 2 sub-levels inside. One is simple black room that is loaded initially + player character in it and then another sublevel with playable area and all the assets to where player is teleported after main sublevel is done streaming.

While in the black room after initial spawn, fps counter shows really low fps and view stutters when I look around, until main sublevel is done streaming.


by the nature of what you’re doing, loading and unloading information into memory, how can it not affect performance? I think it has to. Maybe break up levels into smaller chunks and load smaller bits at the time? Or go back to the classic loading screens, seems to work for the biggest companies must not be that bad.

Loading screen doesn’t quite work in VR :frowning: Maybe I should have black room with only one element in it - a word “…loading…”. I’ll see if just having that doesn’t induce nausea with low fps.

loading screen could be a loading scene and its ultra simple and optimized. Sphere texture with maybe a few objects to give it some depth, no transparency or anything complex.