How to stream alembic files with UE 4.26?

One of the new features of the Unreal Engine 4.26 is the possibility to stream alembic files. Unfortunately I could´t find any documentation how to use it. Do I have to copy my 20 GB alembic file into the content folder of my Unreal project and assign it to an object or do I should use the normal alembic importer? I actually thought that I haven´t use this importer anymore. (I activated the alembic beta plug-in)

Just in case anyone else comes looking for this answer… I did this in 4.27

After you enable the streaming alembic plugin, you will need to make a blueprint and add a component called GeometryCacheABC. After you add that, you should be able to set your file input and the other abc settings you need on that component.

Then you can add your blueprint to a level sequence, add the geometry cache component and then your animation to play