How to store variable bound to slider's value?

Hello, this is my first question here. Greetings to you all.

I have a full working slider that sets screen percentage. Ex: The initial value of slider is 0, I put in value 0.5, then screen percentage is 50%, and value 1, screen percentage is 100%. If I set the value 1, and leave the menu by quitting the game or even going back to previous menu, the screen percentage remains 100% as expected, but the slider goes back to initial value 0. I know that this happens because the default value of the variable “Slidervaer”, that is bound to slider value, is 0, then it changes when i move the slider, and works well. So, what to do now?

First image shows the blueprint
Second image shows the slider in canvas panel

i store mines in a GameInstace class, and then i just call them on the binding,

Create a Gameinstance class->declare variables in it-> call them on the widget.

GameInstance objects remains constant even between loads.

Thanks! It works!