How to store milion of cubes in one file?


I need to create some saving for “Minecraft like” cube system map. Practically, I need to save Position,Rotation and ID(int value) of milion cubes(or more). I would like to ask you how to do it properly, how to save each cube and how to load it after. Practically I would like to know which way will be best and most powerfull.

Thanks for future answers :slight_smile:

Nope You don’t.

Instead you should read this: An Analysis of Minecraft-like Engines | 0 FPS

Then find more about voxel engines.

Then learn C++, there were some projects trying to do voxel (aka minecraft) in blueprints only, its doable but as a challenge, blueprints can just barely handle that, and then you need to build game on top of voxel engine.
Doing this is easier in C++.