How to store local preferences?

Is there a way to store local preferences, separate from the savegame system?
Ideally, this would use the same nodes on mobile and desktop (and HTML5, presumably using localStorage.)

I need to start looking at this myself … and I haven’t had chance to go through these properly … but my thinking that this would work.

Configuration Files

Config Files, Read & Write to Config Files

I am not sure if this will work for you or is what you are looking for.

Thanks. I do know how to write files in C++. I want to avoid having to modify the engine, hence why I asked in the “blueprint visual scripting” section of the forums.

As a fall-back, is there a good tutorial for how to write a plug-in that exposes new blueprint nodes, without having to modify the engine code? And how to make that compatible across the various targets?

To follow-up: No, there is no way in Blueprints to write data to a non-savegame file on local storage.
I tried following the “how to write a plugin” Wiki articles, but got stuck on the “… and re-generate project files …” bit, because I’m using a blueprint project, not a C++ project.
I’ve now broken down and used “add C++ class” method, and running from Visual Studio. Writing to disk using FFileHelper is pretty simple this way, but it’s no longer a “blueprint only” project.

Perhaps I can then turn my custom UBlueprintLibrary class into a Plugin and re-distribute it?