How to store data on a server?


How do you store information on a server, for example… player credits?
Lets say i have an ingame currency… i want this information to be stored online on a webserver so when the game starts it retrieves the information and updates the game etc.

What would we use and what is exposed in Blueprints?

You maybe need to use some JSON plugin. Try with this plugin made by Stefander or with VaRest made by ufna

With JSON you can GET and POST to php and ask the DB how many credits you have or whatever you want.

You would send over json data or xml data and let the server scripts handle access to the db either in php or something else. I mean it’s up to you. I guess if you’re just starting the process of adding some scores into the db try to add scores into the db outside of the game through a script. Then the next step would be to POST json or xml data to an address on the server that can interpret the string data and split it into pieces that can be entered into the database. There are quite a bit of tutorials out there.

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BTW i think nobody has made a xml plugin to this moment, only json plugins i think.

Excellent thank you. Will try json plugin

I would also suggest digging the RESTful architecture. It’s really easy to create a simple server application using Python + flask.