How to store a SplineComponent's shape in a blueprint?

I need to create blueprints that have SplineComponents of a specific shape stored within them. So that I can spawn them multiple times across different levels and always get the same spline shape as part of the object.

Is there a way to do this?

From what I can see in 4.4.3 one can add a SplineComponent to a blueprint but the points of that spline can only be edited on a per instance basis.
One could think a workaround would be possible by creating the spline in a BP construction script and aligning spline points with some other components in the BP. That however is also impossible as the only functions available to modify spline points (AddSplineLocalPoint etc.) only take a location vector as input, so there’s no way to control the point’s rotation and tangent making this approach pretty much useless for all but the very simplest cases.

If storing a complete spline shape inside a BP is not possible with the current iteration of tools, perhaps there is a change to engine code I could make to get that behavior?

Hi PeterB,

This is currently in our system as UE-7476.