How to store a reference to an actor without actually spawning it?

Hey everyone! I’m working on a “hero collector” of sorts. In my SaveObject, I basically need an array of actors (the heroes) that the player owns. When the game begins, if no save object is found, the player is given 3 basic heroes. My question is, how should I store data that the player owns those heroes without spawning them into the level so that I CAN add them to the array? It seems cumbersome to do that…

Thanks in advance!

Managed to find an answer on my own, so I’ll leave it here for anyone in the future. I created a HeroStruct, which contains a class reference variable. Then I call MakeHeroStruct, assign the actor class to it, and add that struct to an array of structs, which is then saved to the Save Game Object. When I load the Save Game Object, I call the Spawn Actor By Class function and pass it the class reference that is broken out of my HeroStruct.