How to stop vehicle wheels sinking


I’ve been working through a tutorial to build a vehicle in Blender and export to Unreal. I’ve also worked through the Unreal documentation for vehicle user guide and vehicle art set up.

The wheels of my vehicle sink into the ground and I’ve gone through all the steps using the physics asset tool but it basically only seems to be recognising the ‘body’ that I place around the vehicle chassis and not the wheels.

The first picture is the Physics Asset view and second is what happens when I simulate it. I’m really at a loss with this after working through a number of suggested solutions I’ve found during my search and have spent hours messing with it myself, so any help would be very much appreciated.


Please tell me u found a solution…
it’s been 12 hours and I’m still having as ur saying, seems to only recognize the body and not the wheel’s physics :frowning:

Hi, I’m sorry I completely forgot I had posted about this. I did manage to get it working, and though I can’t remember exactly what I did I know it was do to with the collisions for the wheels i.e. they were smaller than the body of the vehicle so the body would touch the ground before the wheels could.

If you could double click your asset to bring up the screen like the image I’ve attached, click ‘Collisions’, then check the ‘simple collision’ and ‘complex collision’ boxes and upload a screen shot of what you can see I’ll try to help.

Alternatively if you want to upload the FBX of the model you’re using I can take a look and direct you to the solution.