How to stop using EventTick?

Hey everyone :slight_smile:
I am working on game which takes place in cosmos. Player jumps between platforms and kinda sticks to them. If platform is static, everything works just fine. But I would like to add moving platforms in simple direction, up and down or something like that - and it’s all good. There was a problem to update player’s position to make him moving with the platform. I tried using AttachToComponent, but it didn’t work properly. Another idea, which is working quite well, is using EventTick to update player’s position each frame - it’s good, movement is quite smooth. This is how this looks like:

But here comes the clue of this topic - I have no idea how to stop using it, to stop updating player’s position. Player jumps from the platform in direction of another one and it should stop using this EventTick to moment, when player hits another platform and sticks to it.
Thanks for all the answers.

you can setup a timer that triggers when you land on an object that requires you to update the position each time.

call an event that starts the timer, the timer triggers an event every {num sec} and disables and resets the timer when the character no longer needs to update.

you can use an over lap event to start and leave event to stop.