How to stop Unreal And visual studio from writing too much bytes

i have an SSD and when i start a new project visual studio writes 3 GB. how can i stop this?
i have another HHD.
can i move some things to it so it actually write in the HDD?


I’m not sure you can stop it, you can clean your project folder every once and a while by removing your autobackup data. You can create your project on your HDD while keep the engine on the SSD, that’s what I’m doing. Also in the launcher’s settings you can change you vault directory to you HDD.

Not by much. Also note that loading time might vary depending on the size of your project, and whether you are upgrading your project to a newer engine version

hi. thank you for answering.
will moving the project to hdd affect loading time?
the ssd is very fast and my hdd is slow

i understand.
thanks a lot