How to stop UI Material from stretching

I have a UI Material on a progress bar, and it’s stretching to conform to the rectangular shape. How do I stop this? I have checked the material’s settings, but there is nothing there.

Is it just this?


Wow I must be blind lol. Thanks.

Also, for some reason I don’t have the brush section under Appearance.

But do you want the material to tile / repeat? Perhaps what you want is to draw in a Box mode with margins.

Could very well be wrong, but I think if you want to use your own material, you have to do it as an image? @Everynone?

Not sure what OP needs. I was thinking that the goal was to prevent the corners / edges from stretching the material. That’s what 9-slice (box) is for:

Image from Gyazo

Here, the borders stay uniform, 10% from each edge is not affected by stretching, the middle does stretch but we can’t see it:

Using Image would produce this, often undesired, thing:

But if the goal is to tile, then the Box will be useless. Hence my question.

Not 100% sure how tiling should work with the progress bar. If I wanted a tiled progress bar with a bunch of little hearts, I’d probably do it directly in the material.