How to stop this

After working hard on my project I have lost a lot of it do to a message that read

“Game name case not detected for ‘name of game’. The engine ini should contain an entryGamename with the name of the gain in the correct case.”

So I went and corrected the situation but lost all of the maps I had worked on and a few other things. Please tell me how to avoid this from happening. I have never had this problem until version 4.4 but I also have never cloned a project either. I sill have the version in 4.3 working so I can start over but I want to avoid this in the future please advise. Thanks everyone.

This the error message that I got. I got this image from someone who was having the same issues that I was having.

Well I guess this has happened to me and one other person. I think I know what may have caused it but I am not sure?

Post this at AnswerHub please so that you can get help faster.