How to stop the camera from following the player?

I am using the 2d project and the camera is attached to the character with a camera boom. I need to figure out how to disable the camera from following the player for a given amount of time and then re enabling it to follow again. I have a system with bools and I am setting the cameras location as a variable then calling it when I want it to stay still but it is moving the camera to some weird spot. I would like to be able to do this without having to make another camera and switch to it. So when a certain event happens the camera retains its current spot, stops following, and then is reset to follow the player again.

You can detach the camera and then re-attach it then set it’s position again.

Here is an example. I hope that this helps!

Thank you! This worked for me. AWESOME!

I’ve tryied it but when i attached the camera again it changes the rotation that it has. I’v also tryied to save the rotation and then set it on the end but it doesn’t work. Could you help me?
PS:In my case i’m working on a 3D project