How to stop script on one actor and allow on another?

I’m attempting to posses an actor(bunny) once, but only that actor and other actors of the same type(bunny) still allow the event to happen.

the problem lies within i can either allow it to happen for ALL actors of the same type or no actors of the same type (there is a qte fail state)

after failing the qte i would like the 1st bunny unable to trigger the qte again while having a completely different bunny allow it and start the event

Make 1 vaiable for each object and make it a class type, the set it in the blueprint and use Get Actor From Class node

There is only one instance of Bunny, it is a child of an Enemy_base (actor) blueprint. There is a total of 2 children (human and bunny) and I am trying to possess both the children while making Enemy_base the only thing “Get Actor From Class” is set to. Do I set the variables for the children (human and bunny) or the base actor blueprint (Enemy_base) or all 3?