How to stop retraction/snap back of spring arm when colliding with camera blocking volume

I’m currently working on a game that uses a top-down perspective.

In 2D Zelda games, I’ve observed how the camera follows the character, but stops as he approaches the edges of the dungeon and the room exits.

I’m trying to achieve the same behavior by placing camera blocking volumes around the level and enabling the collision test on the spring arm component. Technically everything works, but the spring arm retracts, or snaps back so hard, I wish I could just disable it once it collides with the volume. Essentially I want the camera to stop in place when colliding and not move inwards because of the spring arm component.

I’m not sure how to go about this - any help is greatly appreciated!

Did you figure this out?

Hello! No, not exactly. I figured for a Top Down Zelda-like game you don’t actually need a spring arm component at all. Just use a camera and camera blocking volumes. It works!