How to stop/restart health regen

Okay, so I finally have a regen system I want, But i cannot get my health to pause on damaged… i tried using gates/branches/flipflops etc anything to do with flows i cannot get it to work… if i could just have a ■■■■ elseif command instead of a branch i would know how to do this! lol. Maybe create a internal function to do all the branching and then return it to the event tick as an out?

im at a loss on this part, any help would be greatly appreciated! (i feel like this is a simple thing to do but im doin it wrong -_-)

Create event that will set your DamageTaken to true then delay then set again to false. Call this function instead of your delay.

could you explain? as far as i know you can’t use delays in functions

I use a trigger Box to start regen as example

Than we start a timer. Note: you can also pause the trigger via handle whenever you want.

Alternativly you can stuff it all into your Trigger BP

Its a very simple one but it will get you started. (btw you can do else ifs with branches :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: the false is your else and if you add another branch after its basicly a elseif)

yeah i tried the 2 branch method, but as soon as it turns to true it doesn’t switch back to false so it would constantly pause health regen instead of switching back to regen mode, or vice versa, it’ll switch back to regen but won’t change back to stop regen (im fairly new to UE4 engine and blueprinting so please forgive my stupidness lol)

Well thats not the fault of the Branch its your logic that never changes the Condition =) cant help you there. Use the timers they are easier to Controll in general. If Damage taken start it if Health is full stop them. Easy as that.

Don’t use it in function. Create event.

Try this nodes. Call you RecieveDamage node where your pawn does it and it will stop your regeneration. Good luck!