How to stop replication for Load Stream Level

If i load and unload levels in a hosted Session environment, the stream level nodes automaticly replicate to all clients.

If a client unloads and loads levels on his own he only manipulates his own instance. I want that the listen server can load and unload a stream level without affecting clients!

Any ideas on how to disable the automatic replication of loading stream levels?

For a listen server this will be hard to achieve.
In general you solve this byhaving the server simply not load/unload levels, but tell the client to load/unload it over an RPC call.
But as the listen server is also a client this will be not possible.

You can trick the system by making all objects invisible in the level and only show them on the client or simply switch to a dedicated server model.


I have exactly the opposite problem. I load a have a sub level not “always loaded”, but “BP loaded”. When I load them on server with “Load level instance” on server only, Clients sees nothing. When I multicast the “Load level instance”, then all clients see the level, but the actors in the level are not replicated. When the actors in the loaded level per “Load level instance” begin to move, nothing happens on client side. I used the same actors in “always” loaded sublevel, so it must have related to load level in bp per “Load level instance”.

@jinzay: How did you laod the sub level properly on server that all actor got correctly replicated?

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