How to stop rendering Shadows(how to render shadows only one time)(Shadows optimization)

I have big problems with shadows optimization because of the procedurally generated map. So , can i generate all shadows only one time after my map generated and fix position of all shadows in one position and stop rendering them every time ? I dont have movable lights and i turned off all shadows on items , that i can move so i dont need to create new shadows in game.I just need to stop rendering shadows on walls , but i need to leave them . I cant just turn off shadows. I have 5 fps with them but i have good enough computer , so it is VERY big problem . I also tested it with my friends and they have the same problem. If i cant do what i asking for ,maybe someone can tell me another way of optimization ? Help please!!! (Sory for my english)

Hey there @Antopotatoo! Are you using all static lighting? As this will only Bake the lighting in editor before runtime, though every time you change something in the level you’ll need to bake that lighting again. Once lighting is baked you shouldn’t have to worry about new shadows unless you have movable lights in your scene.

I also wish i could do something like this. many object dont need to be constantly re-rendered into a shadow map, every single frame.