How to stop one Sound 2D?

How to stop one Sound 2D? can someone explain me with one blue print?
i’m working for some NPC dialog Thanks.

Storing the resulting Audio Component Reference after spawning the sound should let you manipulate the Sound 2D instance… check if there’s a Stop node or something like that in the resulting reference.

i can’t find the Stop node or something like this ;–; i searched all day and nothing…
Can you see for me if you have something liek this? i have the 15.1 ue4

I believe this would do the trick for you.


Thanks :3
I tried but i when i finish my dialogue the Audio track is looping. i tried to remove the loop but when i exit from my dialogue the audio is not stopping…
Here is some pic about my Dialogue.

I don’t know how you are spawning the dialog widget, but I recommend you to start debugging with prints to make sure if it actually calls the Stop node or it does not even reach there, and how many times does the spawn occurs and is destroyed.

Just make sure the problem is not before even the Stop node is being called.

I found the problem Thank you so much!
If i put after Remove from parent is not working.
Now i set my variable and stop mode before remove from parent and is working! Thanks you!

Nice! I was suspecting this, but in the documentation it does not say anything about some sort of “destroy” or “remove” behaviour (despite I still dont know what actually happens to the widget after Removing from Parent). But, nice you’ve made it!

Consider that, the same way the stop node was not being executed after the remove from parent, everything starting from your Cast right in the image you showed us will not execute, too… so, be aware and maybe the best thing is to put Remove from Parent as the last node in the chain of execution